Christopher Caliendo

Cost of Living

The annual salary for full time classical musicians was $42,800 according to the NEA December 2020.  Which is why musicians work other jobs often in

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Financial Reports
Brian Conners

The Connors Report
July 2021

BRIAN CONNERS – Our 2t Academy Sustainable Life Coach provides insights for Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Changes! In this month’s report, Brian shares: Keys to

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Financial Reports
Bill Edwards

The Edwards Report
June 2021

Bill is a world traveler, Entrepreneur, speaker, blogger (,international markets guru author of numerous global business development articles, talks and webinars on taking businesses global.

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Business Tips
Debbie Renshaw

Am i Fearful or Focused

Debbie Renshaw, Global Partner Client for FrankilnCovey, world leader performance improvement company, discusses one of the main struggles for musicians and creatives: fear of the

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Dennis Kushner

Can My Art Adapt

2t Academy Adjunct Faculty member Dennis Kushner shares some insight on some of the skill sets musicians inherently have to be able to adapt to

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