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invites you to join:

Whether you are an established musician seeking to use your creative core skills to grow your business…

…OR you are seeking to transform your music education and creative experience into marketable skills:

Your 2t Academy Membership Plan will help you learn and think in new ways towards an end result that will transform your career and work-life balance!

(that’s right, you bring your area of expertise, and our team of music and corporate professionals will provide the strategies and support you need to scale to NEW heights!)

“I am marveling at the variety and density of information…fascinating facts you will learn about…hour after hour of things to explore and become as excited as I am…”

Professor of Flute
The Juilliard School of Music

GAIN practical information about the world of business that you didn’t learn in your liberal arts education from people with real knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the field!

DISCOVER the creative core skills and adaptability strengths you possess as a musician and why they’re so in-demand today!

LEARN key life skills such as how to be a master networker, manage time effectively, build a flute studio, how to expand your tour using social media, creating work-life balance and so much more!

Imaging having access to…

ONINE COURSES covering a wide range of entrepreneurial training not taught at music Universities featuring distinguished faculty members who are topnotch flutists and business CEO’s and MBA grad!

The Academy’s one-of-a-kind WEB TV series featuring your favorite flutists sharing their childhood themes that helped shape their success after graduation.

AUDIO EBOOKS featuring trending topics and paradigm shifts in the industry so you can take action quickly!

FREE CONSULTATION! Christopher’s live one-to-many weekly zoom call! Members join Christopher every week to answer questions on identity, branding, marketing, course work and other concerns and career issues!

“Christopher helps us understand how to secure our financial stability while accelerating our creative aspirations. I am excited to be part of this incredible online learning experience.” 

Amy Porter

Professor of Flute
University of Michigan


2t Academy - members benefits from the belief that a strong inner life guides your successful outer life.

First, you have to make your life better.   We teach members how to connect to your emotional GPS system, because our belief is that the best way you can leverage your success is to impact others. One way you can have the greatest impact on others is to be connected to your indestructible inner voice, your musical identity, the core that becomes your engine. But few musicians tap into it.


Second, you have to better the lives of others.  2t members celebrate the idea that every musician feels there is something more that is calling them. Phenomenal success is found in the second order effect of wanting to better the lives of others.


You cannot encourage individual pursuit unless you have a level of self-awareness that is connected to your unique musical identity.


And for that reason, every member receives our course: Identity – towards autonomy for FREE – a $250 value!


What you will learn from the 2t Academy is not taught in college!


Your membership is your one-stop source to making the best decisions for yourself and your musical career.

How do we do this?

HEAR what our flute staff and members are saying about the 2t Academy!



“I had no idea how valuable my creativity was and how it could apply to so many different industries. The job opportunities are endless…the course, transformational.”

Mahfrin Santoke


What you will DISCOVER!


The importance of personal identity in today’s musical marketplace cannot be overlooked.  Developing your unique identity can accelerate your musical career no matter how competitive the marketplace seems to be.

I will teach you (3) action-based practices that will help you discover your unique self. The tools I teach are presented in chronological order, the cumulative effect will set you on your journey with a personality prescription – your unique self.




What you will LEARN!


Our WEB TV series features some of the greatest flutists globally  narrating their life stories on how they became successful.

You will learn:

Daily Workouts that make them FUN!

How to become a touring musician post-Covid!
How to develop your entrepreneurial self!
What does world music mean?
Special effects used by Hollywood Film Composers!
How to engage a wider audience!
Tips on how to build your own flute studio!
How to remarket yourself!
How to build a flute association!
The anatomy of sound with Amy Porter!
What cannot be taught in school!
And so so much more…


AUDIO EBOOKS – quick reference material on trending topics and paradigm shifts in the industry so you can take action quickly!

2t ACADEMY ONLINE LESSONS – online education covering a wide range of entrepreneurial training not taught at Universities featuring distinguished faculty members from both the entertainment and corporate industries!

FREE CONSULTATION – Christopher’s live one-to-many Zoom call!  All members join Christopher and guest speakers each week to answer previewed questions on branding, marketing, identity, entrepreneurship and other topics!

COMMUNITY FORUMS – access to our 2t Academy and Music Degree Revival social groups where members share the top 3 issues facing them today and methods to overcome them!

MEMBER INTERVIEWS – 30-minute recorded one-on-one zoom calls with 2t members to help promote your journey with our academy members!

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS – 2t members receive our 2 for 1 4-EVER sale on Caliendo World Music Publishing’s entire catalo of world music!

ITALIAN RECIPES – enjoy Christopher’s monthly northern Italian recipes inspired by his Bolognese mother!

MP3 DOWNLOADS – each  month members receive 2 track selections of Gypsy, Tango, Flamenco and other world music recordings performed and recorded by guitarist/composer Christopher Caliendo with flute artists such as Sheridon Stokes, John Barcellona, Brian Luce and Nestor Torres!

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Upgrade your membership with Octiv8! Our flagship online training program for those who which to use their music education to succeed in today’s business world!

Distinguished CEO’s and MBA grads, join Christopher in this ground-breaking online coaching program training creative people like you to:

  • DEVELOP, diversify, and apply your creative core skills into other industries

  • SECURE your financial stability

  • ACCELERATE your creative aspirations

  • SUCCEED without having to go back to college to earn a business or finance degree

Available with GYPSY and FLAMENCO membership!



”I think your academy is a wonderful way to compliment and augment the purpose of the National Flute Association Convention. You are just enlightening so many more minds to good flute players – good flute teachers and the ability to reach out to them digitally is a wonderful way to open up a world of pedagogy and flute performance.”

Matt Krejci
Professor of Flute
University of the Pacific

The Benefits of Membership

The 2t Academy believes that formal education in music must help musicians develop their musical identity and musical autonomy. Our online courses and techniques assist members to develop musical identities that stem from their childhood interests and equip them for changing musical realities. Our adjunct faculty of corporate CEO’s and business owners assist with training programs that offer pragmatic advice for the striving musical entrepreneur.

Here is what you can look forward to:

LESSONS every month offering legitimate business advice covering a wide area of quick and to-the-point strategies to get your mind flowing with valuable and critical business systems that are guaranteed to contribute to the long term financial success of your music business!

FREE CONSULTATION with Christopher every week to assist you in designing your strategic career plan with cost effective solutions!

GUEST APPEARANCES from adjunct faculty on 2t Academy’s social platform offering clearly defined road maps to our success on such subjects as: branding, marketing, networking, time-management, entrepreneurship, and so much more – everlasting strategies for obtaining security, stability, and success!


The 2t Academy is committed to fostering ongoing engagement with both music educators and corporate CEO’s of all traditions, sharing our knowledge from disciplines other than music, and collaborating with practitioners of those disciplines. Our credo – teaching musicians to focus on their unique selves while developing state of the art work habits will accelerate organic growth and remarkable individual achievement.

“Christopher brought out aspects of myself that I just took for granted. When I got done watching my interview, I felt so much better about myself, from what I did and what I accomplished and how I can inspire other people…”

Ellen Burr – Flute Entrepreneur


“Thanks for making this possible! I am excited about the opportunity for people to get together to learn and to grow and chase their dreams.”



“What Christopher has actually done is harness the power of the internet and bring all that home to the privacy of our own  living rooms. The 2t Academy is an amazing innovative new platform, a way to learn and really connect with the flute community.”


Renowned Jazz Flutist

“I am extremely impressed by what Christopher is doing. For myself, I have recorded many years in the movies, television and records and I have a wealth of experience in that area that I would like to share with you if you join the flute academy,”


National Flute Association

“Putting this together with all kinds of information and pictures – I am so impressed! So get to the 2t flute academy…!”



I’m Christopher Caliendo, founder of the 2t Academy. In 2017 I launched the Academy’s online platform to provide musicians an opportunity to learn how their favorite flute artists became successful.

My wish was to create a one-stop online music school where musicians could learn what Universities and tradeshows were not providing:

  • LESSONS on marketing and branding techniques to help musicians discover their unique musical identity.
  • ACCESS to numerous documentaries of renowned flutists revealing their success stories by studying the choices they made right after their formal education.
  • CONNECTING with topnotch CEO’s of corporations to provide musicians entrepreneurial guidance and tips to empower their business goals and dreams.

As a celebrated composer, world music guitarist, sheet music publisher and educator, I still had to pivot into a new industry after the Japanese financial crisis. That industry was commercial banking. It was a transformational moment in  my life. The one thing lacking in my conservatory training was learning marketing and business skills. My daytime job provided me enormous advantages, presenting opportunities to learn business while developing an estimable network of top CEO’s and business experts.  Today, many of these qualified business leaders are part of our adjunct faculty.

More than 35 years of experience servicing the entertainment and corporate industries come together to bring you the 2t Academy music school. My hope and the desire of our adjunct faculty: that our training, community and network will transform your way of thinking, help you discover your unique vision and accelerate your aspirations – all without having to return to college to earn a business or finance degree.

CEO and Founder Christopher explains:
"Why I created the 2t Academy"


Here is what TANGO Members Receive! $27 per month!

COURSES15-30 minutes in length covering a wide variety of entrepreneurial training not taught at Universities! – 2 course each month!

WEB TV – access to documentary interviews with the most famous flutists in the world discovering their journeys and the choices they made to become who they are today! – 1 web tv documentary every month!

MEMBER CALLS30 minutes one-to-one zoom calls to answer questions you may have on creating your identity, branding, course work, life balance and more! 2 member interviews each month!

ACADEMY ARCHIVESevery week you will receive a success tip from some of the most famous flutists in the world!

COMMUNITY FORUM – trending topic sessions from the Academy’s training material discussed in our 2t Academy Facebook Group!

DOWNLOADS – 2 hi-fidelity track selections per month of tango, gypsy, flamenco and world music recordings performed by top flute artists!

MEMBER PERKS – our 2 for 1 4-EVER sale on Caliendo World Music Publishing/s extensive catalog of world music for classical musicians!

STANDALONE – content such as audio ebooks and quick reference material from established CEO’s. marketing executives and business owners so you can take your entrepreneurship to new heights quickly!

VIDEO BLOG – exclusive interviews with our adjunct faculty, flute professors, flute choir entrepreneurs, podcasters and more!

FILLER CONTENT – our monthly newsletter keeping you up to date on new content additions and development rounding up the hottest community discussions, letting members know what’s on the horizon, shining the spotlight on member successes!

SOCIAL FORUM – invitation to join MUSIC DEGREE REVIVAL, our FB Group where members discuss the top three issues facing musicians today: lack of jobs, anxieties about the technologies learned in school and whether they will apply upon graduation and life-balance – how to have a sustainable life in music.

ITALIAN RECIPES – Christopher paid off his student loans by creating a personal chef business in Boston! Now you can enjoy his northern Italian recipes inspired by his Bolognese mom every month!

$250 BONUS! – Plus TANGO MEMBERS receive the course, IDENTITY: towards autonomy jump starting your membership with 3 proven techniques and 5 exercises to help you establish your unique self!



Using your Music Education to Success in Today's Business World

Watch our Octiv8 Overview!

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Octiv8 is the Academy’s flagship online training program teaching creative individuals how to:


    • DEVELOP, diversify, and apply your creative core skills into other industries
    • SECURE your financial stability
    • ACCELERATE your creative aspirations
    • SUCCEED without having to go back to college to earn a business or finance degree



The Gypsy

$177/month for 12 months
(includes everything in TANGO)

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the flamenco

$377/month for 12 months
(includes everything in TANGO and GYPSY))

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