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Christopher Caliendo

Cost of Living

The annual salary for full time classical musicians was $42,800 according to the NEA December 2020.  Which is why musicians work other jobs often in

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Financial Reports
Brian Conners

The Connors Report
July 2021

BRIAN CONNERS – Our 2t Academy Sustainable Life Coach provides insights for Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Changes! In this month’s report, Brian shares: Keys to

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Financial Reports
Bill Edwards

The Edwards Report
June 2021

Bill is a world traveler, Entrepreneur, speaker, blogger (,international markets guru author of numerous global business development articles, talks and webinars on taking businesses global.

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Business Tips
Debbie Renshaw

Am i Fearful or Focused

Debbie Renshaw, Global Partner Client for FrankilnCovey, world leader performance improvement company, discusses one of the main struggles for musicians and creatives: fear of the

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