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Here are some of the highlights Dennis covers for the month of June, 2021!


Global Economy:


– Canadian GDP falls short

– The Brazilian Economy

– Strong Rebound in UK Underway – increase of 2.3% GDP last quarter


Domestic Economy:


– UCLA Forecast Predicts Robust 2021

– Travel and Tourism Starts Again in the US

– California Represents 14% of the Nation’s GDP – 1.3MM job increase!

– Inflation Surges to 5.3% – highest since 2008!

– Consumer Prices for Cars and Trucks Rise!

– The Price of Oil

– Could the Rise in Interest Rates Signal a Recession?

– Why American airlines do not have Enough Pilots to Fly the Planes!

– California is not the #1 economy in the United States!


Retail Outlook:


– Digital Convergence – a social activity, a business activity?

– People’s Buying Trends want Products Faster!

– Why People Spend 4 hours a day to Purchase Products by Phone!

– Consumers – primed and ready!


Economic Indicators:


– A Look at Inflation – higher than it has been in 13 years!

– Retail Sales

– Trade Deficit – down from 74 to 69 %!

– Trade Exports

– Interest Rates – ascending!

– Mortgage Rates – increase from 3 to 3.2%!

– Manufacturing Index – up to 61.2% – strong improvement!


Other Economic Factors:


– Factory Orders – drop due to supply and demand

– Small Business Confidence

– Consumer Confidence – rises again!

– Crude Oil Prices Rise to $73 per Barrel due to Demand and Static Production! here’s why!

– New Home Sales – continue to rise! Medium price per home up 25%!


And so much more! All within 35 minutes!

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