How to transfer your creative skills successfully to business

I help individuals who have had successful careers in the creative arts but are now concerned about their financial future and wish to learn how they can use their creative core skills to regain financial stability.  I do this through my Octiv8 on-line coaching program -  How to transfer your creative skills to business in as little as 6 weeks - without having to go back to college to earn a finance or business degree.

Christopher Caliendo · August 7, 2020

It’s a 6 – step formula that I’ve designed that teaches you how to use your creative core skills and parlay them into the world of industry to secure your financial future. 

  • Learn how to revalue your creative degree and the strong foundation it brings! 
  • Lesson your anxiety about having to change careers to support your family!

Best part it’s simple and shatters any notion that you cannot use your creative talents to earn a lucrative living!

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Christopher Caliendo

Combining 35 years of entertainment industry experience with 15 years of commercial banking experience, Christopher Caliendo's one and only on-line coaching system Octiv8, teaches musicians how to parlay their creative soft skills into the world of industry. 8 weeks - without having to go to college to earn a business or finance degree!

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