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How to Gain Financial Independence with a Music Degree in as Little as 8 Weeks​ including Coaching …

without having to go back to college to earn a business or finance degree

  • Includes one on one coaching with Christopher every week for 8 weeks
  • 8 weeks of online training!
  • Access to our adjunct faculty!
  • Fully automated teaching
  • Includes Christopher’s Facebook Coaching Group


The only online course for college musicians who desire to:

  • use soft skills learned in music
  • adapt them into the business world to gain financial stability
  • while accelerating their musical career

Through the Octiv8 system, musicians transform their creativity to achieve financial and creative independence in the world of industry in as little as 8 weeks!


  •  What is Octiv8? An introduction from Christopher Caliendo

WEEK 1: SOFT SKILLS – why they are valuable especially today!

  • What are Soft Skills?
  • EXERCISE 1: Define Soft Skills
  • How to naturally develop soft skills
  • EXERCISE 2: Your Soft Skill Check List
  • EXERCISE 3: Sentence Stem Practice
  • The rise of right brain dominance
  • The top 10 soft skills in demand by businesses today!
  • EXERCISE 4: Provide 10 examples
  • VIDEO FEATURE:  Dr. Jay Klusky: Your Mindset – how to transition your mindset into the world of business

WEEK 2: ADAPTABILITY – the skill of the 21st century and you possess it!

  • What is adaptability?
  • KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT 3 What is your aim?
  • The Secret to Musicians Being Naturally Adaptable
  • EXERCISE 5: Define your Adaptability Formula
  • 7 types of Adaptability Skills Musicians Naturally Possess
  • EXERCISE 6: Identify your Adaptability Skills
  • 5 Quickest Ways to Develop your Adaptability
  • LET’S REINFORCE!: Question and Answers
  • BONUS VIDEO FEATURE: 24 year-old Christina Bauer talks about her life as an illustrator, a commission from Nike, her social media following of 20,000 followers and how she adapted her creative talent into another field that paid well to secure her financial future.

WEEK 3: THE JOB MARKET TODAY How to transfer your creative skills successfully to business!

  • The MFA is the New MBA
  • The Secret to Reading Business Trends
  • How to Answer: What can you bring to the company?
  • EXERCISE 7: Simulate and Interview
  • The Top 6 paying creative jobs
  • EXERCISE 8: Apply your soft skills and adaptability strengths to the 3 creative jobs
  • VIDEO FEATURE: Dennis Kushner: How to search business trends
  • VIDEO FEATURE: Angelo Ponzi – how I used soft skills to create a successful marketing agency
  • VIDEO FEATURE: Christopher Caliendo: How I transitioned my soft skills to win the Business Development Officer of the Year Award for a multi-billion dollar commercial bank!

WEEK 4: THE ADVANTAGES OF A CORPORATE JOB – The Secret to a Clear Path to Success!

  • Advantages! – the top benefits to look for in a job!
  • Mentors – why they are so valuable!
  • Health Insurance – choosing the right policy!
  • Wealth Management – the A B C’s of saving money right out of college!
  • Your Network is Your Net-worth – useful tips on how to network and the benefits of networking!  
  • Work Life Balance –practices employers provide to help you maintain work-life balance
  • Clear Path to Success! – be proactive in your own becoming!
  • VIDEO FEATURE: Bill Ellermeyer – networking strategies!
  • VIDEO FEATURE: Brian Connors – wealth management tips!
  • VIDEO FEATURE: John Meazzo – health insurance made simple!


  • Day Time Journey! – the top 5 secrets to empower your musical vision in your job!
  • LinkedIn – how to use it to your advantage
  • Branding – the importance of on-line presence
  • How to effectively research companies that align with your creative skills
  • the highest paying jobs in the music business:
  • How to show soft skills on a resume
  • Success Tips – How to sell yourself!
  • VIDEO FEATURE: Steve Puente – Valuable tips for Musicians on How to Write an Effective Resume

 WEEK 6: HOW TO BUILD A MUSIC CAREER WHILE HAVING A CORPORATE JOB – strategies that will transform your musical career!

  • Identity – how to activate hidden resources!
  • Themes – how to create your musical identity!
  • The Day Time Job – how to help career objectives to your musical vision!
  • EXERCISE: Themes – How to Create Yours!
  • EXERCISE: Integration – how to create your musical vision!
  • FINAL EXAM: Roadmap to Success: Your Success Formula!
  • VIDEO FEATURE: OCTIV8 – a Summary
  • BONUS: 27 Musicians from Around the World Share their Success Tips!

WEEK 7:  ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER – secrets tips to lesson years of bad decisions and build your career faster!

  • Concept of Free – the secret to building key relationships!
  • Networking and the CRM – how to manage your relationships today for future success!
  • Marketing Tips Using You Tube – you need to Know!
  • Formula for Success – towards establishing self-reliance
  • Go Indi! – secrets to building your own sheet music publishing business
  • Comp Talk – how to score a composer
  • Ego – recreating reality according to your value judgements!
  • VIDEO FEATURE: Christopher Caliendo: Entrepreneurship in the Arts

 WEEK 8: A PORTFOLIO CAREER – how to create multiple income streams!

  • What is a Portfolio Career?
  • The Future of Work –  why musicians need to be part of it!
  • Work –Life Integration – the intelligence of a portfolio career!
  • Road Map for Professional Fulfillment – the 5/3/7 benefits for musicians you need to know!
  • Musicians – the secret skills you may not know you already have!
  • 10 Tips! – how to manage a portfolio career!
  • The secret to turning what you love to do into a living and prosper!
  • Fixed and Variable Costs? Tips on budgeting your life!
  • VIDEO FEATURE: Bill Ellermeyer – the Advantages of a Multiple Income Stream Career for Musicians
  • EXERCISE: Complete your Octiv8 formula!


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