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If you are at a place in your life where you need to learn how to pivot your creative skills into the world of industry…

…then Octiv8 is the online program for you!

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With Life-Balance Coach
Christopher Caliendo

Christopher Caliendo

invites you to:

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Our Flagship Online Training Program!

If you have had a successful music career but due to Covid-19 are now looking to pivot your music skills into the world of industry to…





…then Octiv8 Logo is the training program for you!

You bring your musical expertise, I give you the training and support you need along with Octiv8’s extraordinary adjunct faculty of top CEO’s

Adjunct Faculty Executives

Dr. Jay Klusky
Dr. Jay Klusky

Cognitive Psychologist Author


Brian Conners

Brian Conners

CEO Financial Advisor MBA

wealth management

Bill Ellermeyer
Bill Ellermeyer

CEO Ellermeyer Connect Career Mgmt - BBA

branding networking

Marylou Garcia
Marylou Garcia

Managing Partner


Mark Ernst
Mark Ernst

CEO Ernst Enterprisesr
MS, JD Law

HR – The Interview Process

Dennis Kushner
Dennis Kushner

Corp VP M&A

analyzing business trends

John Meazzo
John Meazzo

Corp CEO

Choosing right benefits

Let’s face it.  The global coronavirus pandemic has hit the music industry hard, with live performance revenue being the biggest casualty.  This has led many of you to ask questions such as:

  • What if venues don’t re-open so I can perform?  How will I support myself?  My family?

  • If I have to get a job in a new industry, how do I transform my music education and creative experience into marketable skills?

  • How do I appear relevant to a new employment opportunity if I received my music education years ago?

  • Or, I’m just starting out.  Should I go to business school and study music privately?

OCTIV8 can help you navigate the answers to these questions and more!  Featured faculty members who are topnotch business CEO’s and MBA grads, this ground-breaking program helps creative people like you jump-start their careers by transitioning your education, skills, and experience into new opportunities in today’s job market!

CEO-Your Private CFO

Brian Conners - Adjunct faculty

“Octiv8 is an exceptional course to acquire life and balance skills to capitulate your career to the next level!  Business success accelerators will precipitate a catalytic breakthrough to new levels of creative brilliance and personal development.”

Plus with Octiv8 Logo you have:

The ability to learn in a formal format that’s right for you!

Pre-recorded content that you can work through at your own pace!

Virtual meetings

Social groups so that your community can collaborate and
help each other achieve their goals!

Your Gypsy membership includes EVERYTHING
in Tango...


In Octiv8 Logo you will:

    • GAIN practical information about the world of business that you didn’t learn in your liberal arts education from people with real knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the field!


    • DISCOVER your core creative skills and adaptability strengths you possess as a musician and why they’re so in-demand in business today!


    • DEFINE your unique brand and its value in a variety of industries!


    • ALIGN your core creative skills, adaptability strengths and unique brand – essentially our strengths – with job opportunities that will provide the financial security you need while furthering your career as a musician!


    • LEARN key life skills such as how to write an effective resume, have a successful interview, be a master networker, manage time effectively, choose the right benefits package, create work-life balance and so much more!


    • ACHIEVE all of this in far less time and for a fraction of the cost of a college education, all on you own schedule and from your desired location!



“I had no idea how valuable my creativity was and how it could apply to so many different industries. The job opportunities are endless…the course, transformational.”

Mahfrin Santoke


One and Only on-line course


Parley soft skills learned in the liberal arts

adapt them into the business world to gain financial stability

while accelerating their creative career without having to go back to college to earn a business or finance degree

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The Six Modules

SOFT SKILLS - Why They Are Valuable, Especially in Today's Job Market

ADAPTABILITY - The Most Important Skillset of the 21st Century and Why Musicians Possess It!

THE JOB MARKET TODAY - How to Transfer Your Creative Skills Successfully to Business!

APPLY FOR A CORPORATE POSITION - Top Strategies for a Successful Interview!

HOW TO BUILD A CREATIVE CAREER - While Having a Corporate Job!
Strategies That Will Transform Your Musical Career!

CEO - CFO Consultants

JOHN MEAZZO - Adjunct faculty

“The Octiv8 course is a must for every individual that has graduated with a liberal arts degree and is now facing a career change.  Christopher and the faculty prepare you through the initial steps of shifting from a liberal arts career to the world of business, saving you years of time and cost from doing it on your own.”

Here Are Just Some of the Strategies and Tips You'll Learn
to Maximize Your Career Opportunities in 2021 and Beyond:

The MFA is the New MBA – a video history of the rise of right brain dominance

Your Mindset – How to pivot from the creative to the corporate with Dr. Jay Klusky

Why Your Soft Skills Are So Valuable in the World of Industry

The Secret of Why Creative People Are Adaptable

7 Types of Adaptability Skills Musicians Naturally Possess

What You Can Bring to a Company

Branding – The Secret to Reading Business Trends

How to Read Business Trends to Your Advantage

The Advantages of a Corporate Job – getting the best benefits package

How to Analyze Business Trends to Your Advantage

Tips to Applying for a Corporate Position

How to Write an Effective Resume

The Power of Networking

Secrets to Creating a Professional LinkedIn Page

How to Create Powerful Video Testimonials

Tips for a Successful Interview

Mentors – Why They Are So Important

How to Choose the Right Health Policy

Creating a Sustainable Life

Practical Wealth Management Tips

Discovering your Musical Identity

Using Themes to Empower Your Creative Purpose

Branding Yourself

How to Accelerate Your Creative Career with a Day Time Job

Tips on Managing a Portfolio Career

A Guide to Managing Time

CEO - Ellermeyer Connect

BILL ELLERMEYER - Adjunct faculty

“An invaluable course helping liberal art majors maximize thier time and effort spent on education to truly prepare them for new opportunities in today’s job market.”

WAIT! There is more!


You can have one-on-one training with Christopher with your FLAMENCO MEMBERSHIP

Accelerated Results

increased self-confidence!

Improved work-performance!


No procrastination!

customized coaching!

Goals achieved!

recouped investment!

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